PHOTOS: The Law Of Attraction 2 (Scene 2) ft. Rik James & Rico GMB

As a business owner is explaining some duties for her new apprentice to take care of, a long time customer walks in & the business owner introduces him to her new apprentice. As he tells the business owner that he’s there to pick up an outfit to surprise his lady with, she tells him that she has to run out for a while & that her new apprentice would take care all his needs. After she leaves, the new apprentice shows him to the new selections they have available. After a bit of flirting, they find an outfit & he tells her he wants to see how she’d look in it. Impressed by his words, she tries it on & models it for him. He likes what he sees. As she draws the curtain, she realizes tht she really likes what she sees & invites him into her.

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