Terrence Tyson: The Introduction

Terrence Tyson

What do I say? Hmmm….”Ladies & Gentlemen”…na, that won’t work. Ummm…”Why So Serious”…na, not that either. How about just a plain “Hey”. I’m sitting here on January 28th, 2009. It’s 9:01pm. I’m watching The Dark Knight trying to think of a way to make a memorable to introduce myself to the people. Let’s just keep it simple. My name is Terrence Tyson. I’m a photographer. I have a Type AB personality. Really aggresive yet, really easy-going. Totally approachable. Originally from Greenville, NC but I moved to Jacksonville, FL when I was 15. Photography didnt start out as my passion (I only took one photography class in high school). During college, I needed extra money so I became a polaroid photographer in the nightclubs. After dealing with shady promoters & hundreds of drunken personalities every night, I switched concentrations, but kept my focus on photography(no pun intended). Always trying to improve myself, I started looking into become a full-fledged photographer. I tried being every photographer possible. Pets, Weddings, Children, you name it. But, then I started focusing on hip hop & it was like I found my niche. Even though I love shooting hip hop, as a photographer, I try to be as non-descript as possible. And as my passion for what I do grows, the challenges grow along with it.